TLC Old Age Home and Frail Care Centre

Background on the TLC Old Age Home and Frail Care Centre: The project has been launched on Mandela Day, 18 July 2011.  The old age centre, caring for more than 30 elderly people from a disadvantaged community started as a shack.  The aim is to build a fully functional old age home and frail care centre for the community of Hammanskraal.  This community is about 50km north of Pretoria.  The project has been split into 5 phases:

Phase 1:  Basic Accommodation
Phase 2:  Kitchen and Scullery
Phase 3:  Reception and Office
Phase 4:  Gender Specific Accommodation
Phase 5:  Ablution, Dining room and Lounge.

From 2011 to 2015 the following phases have been completed;
Phase 1:  Basic Accommodation
Phase 2:  Kitchen
Phase 5:  Ablution, Dining room and Lounge.

During 2016  we’ve also managed to complete;
Phase 2:  Scullery
Phase 3:  Reception and Office

Additional to the original project planning, the following areas were also built:  a Laundry, a Walk In Cool Room, a Storeroom, a Clinic, a Veranda, a Shed, and Workshop.   At the end of 2016, the exterior walls of the old age home were painted.   

From the start of 2017,  the electrification of the Clinic, Veranda, Office and Reception have been completed.