Invitation: Science for Resilience Expo 2015

2015 Science for Resilience Expo


Join us for an amazing Science Expo

In addition to our exciting program of scheduled workshops, educational theater and illustrated talks featured below, ScienceUnlimited this year offers a wide range of informative interactive exhibitions.
You can spend hours engaging with experts from more than twenty universities, science bodies, conservation organisations, companies and government departments in the following fields:
Earth Science/Geography
• Catchment and River Management
• The Limpopo River Basin
• Water conservation & management
• Planet Earth: land, water and air
• Understanding climate change
• Reduction of climate change vulnerability
• Soil and soil erosion
• Non-conventional energy sources
• Conservation
Life Sciences
• Biodiversity & loss of biodiversity (the sixth extinction)
• The concept of the biosphere
• Conservation
• The concept of environment in terms of human activities in and interactions with the natural environment
• Ecotourism
Healthy, Responsible & Green Living
• Fitness & sport
• Healthy eating habits
• Drug & alcohol abuse
• Renewable energy
• Reduce, re-use, recycle
• Greening your community (litter reduction, water, sanitation, gardens)
• Permaculture
Career/study guidance
Free paper-making workshops
and much much more!!!

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