Science For Resilience EXPO, 2015

The science for Resilience Expo 2015 hosted 1883 Learners, 138 Teachers, 176 NGO representatives, 44 Principals, 164 Exhibition representatives with 39 Exhibition stands and 15 Government departments, Initiatives and Public Institutions. The expo provided free transport to and from the event, lunch and free access to project events. All learners were from from local rural, disadvantaged communities.  For Lists of sponsors & attendance records click here:

Links: USAID RESILIM;  Tshwane Tourism association; BizzCommunity

Captive audiences and multipliers: Each learner has a direct impact on at least 10 people in his/her immediate environment. This translates into 18 830 individuals reached an awareness with the message building resilience in the Limpopo River Basin.
Each teacher which attended has a reach of at least 150 learners; 138 teachers thus translates to 20 700 individuals. Each principal that attended, has a potential receptive audience of 1000-1400 learners, translating into between 44 000 – 60 000 learners and staff. Principals as decision makers have the potential to initiate support and sign off on initiatives that build resilience.
The 176 NGO representatives, all local community members, have a direct impact within their organizations, translating to several thousand.
This captive audience of almost 100 000 is located in one of the hots pots of the Limpopo Basin:

For Lists of sponsors & attendance records click here: