Township and Cultural Tours Since 1994

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Kwalata’s Township & Cultural Tours to the adjacent Mandela Village and Steve Bikoville provide a unique experience since 1994! The tour embarks on a trip to the vibrant communities close to Kwalata. This community grew during the time of the release of former President Nelson Mandela, and offers a chance to view a full sized bronze statue of our respected statesmen. Experience the vibrant feeling as enjoyed by the locals and thrill to African hospitality at its best.

Tours are organised to highlight community and entrepreneurial development, utilizing local transport and support existing businesses; Kwalata strive to provide training and to promote local businesses.


Kwalata has been an active community role player, since 1990. We assist and facilitate various community projects.

Kwalata have won the Tshwane Tourism Award a number of times.  This award recognizes tourism leaders that are actively involved in joining hands with the community.

We also offer companies and groups the opportunity to participate in community development projects, that can be facilitated by the Kwalata team, in our neighboring communities.