Kwalata Local Community


South Africa has experienced massive growth of squatter camps or informal settlements since 1990 from just before independence. In 1965 South Africa introduced the Apartheid system and this promoted racial segregation based on colour, tribe and language. Then a “Home Land System” was adopted. Based on colour, tribe and language people were allocated to a homeland. Ownership of property, land & businesses in South Africa were reserved for white South Africans only.

After the collapse of the Apartheid system – massive informal settlements mushroomed all over South Africa. Government land was targeted and the need for urbanization and provision of services attracted people from all over South Africa and even other African countries.

Land ownership, services & provisional boundaries still present a challenge to the South African government. Gauteng being the “economical power house” of SA has experienced an unprecedented growth rate as have all other provinces.

Two Informal settlements arose west of Kwalata and the Dinokeng Big Five Game Reserve, Mandela Village and Steve Biko/Kekana Gardens. Mandela Village grew to become a success story. This township started as a shack town, residents took great pride in their houses and today this is a prime suburb with tared streets, flush toilets, running water and electricity.

Steve Bikoville/Kekena Gardens consist of 2500 houses. Being a new informal settlement it consist of a big portion of jobless people that flocked here in search of opportunity and services. The Phananani Community Centre was formed with the vision to develop and help the needy. The success that this centre had attracted more support from the Hervormde Kerk, “Ons Tuiste” old age home, Gauteng Social Welfare and Kwalata. This development consisted of a Brick making, Bakery, Vegetable tunnels, Food Kitchen cooking for 300 people 3 times a week and a medical service which provides testing of sugar & blood pressure as well as a home based nursing project.

 Kwalata Game Ranch has been actively involved in the Mandela Village and Steve Bikovill / Kekana Gardens for the past 20 years. We have assisted with leadership development, environmental education and promotion of tourism in these communities. Kwalata Team Adventures operates Shebeen & Cultural Tours since 1995 and is now active as far as Onverwacht & Refilwe next to well-known Cullinan Town.

We facilitate all efforts between community, government and the private sector to guarantee outcomes and results. We thank our corporate clients for their support in our communities. Through this we aim to create a winning concept in South Africa that can be duplicated all over Southern Africa, focusing on sustainability through tourism!

Corporate Social responsibility programs & Kwalata Initiative

One of the things which makes Kwalata Community Development Initiative so great is that the people who make the difference can come to visit our community and get an opportunity see the difference they make, for themselves.

A community social responsibility project is typically designed and facilitated by the type of support or sponsorship of companies, groups, etc. The content of support is analyzed and a suitable candidate is identified who would benefit from the type of support. Again the project is to support existing enterprises providing expertise, experience and facilitating a growing project, securing the donation and mentoring the individuals to ensure maximum benefit and efficient structures to utilize the support.

Safety of visiting clients

Our community is like any other community in the world – You are as safe as you are aware and prepared for. We enter the community with a purpose, know where we are going, do what we need to do, engage, interact and conclude our business. Our visit is therefore structured, pre-arranged and by appointment. Valuables should be kept out of sight, but splendid photo opportunities & African Hospitality is still to be enjoyed. All tours to the townships are accompanied by a Kwalata representative.

Guide training

Kwalata saw the need for trained local guides within Dinokeng Big 5 Reserve. We realized we had to train people from our community. The training would enable would-be guides to register at FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) and the Department of Education and Training (DEAT). In order to  achieve this we shared our expertise and experience and together with money to facilitate training and registration donated by Vergenoeg Mining company we were able to conducted a 12 month long project where students received remuneration, textbooks and uniforms.

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