Karlskrona Visits to South Africa

Click on the link to access a Photo Report of Karlskrona residents visits to Kwalata

Karlskrona 1st Visit March 2013 – Tshwane Swedish Day Care & St Camulis School

Karlskrona 2nd Visit March 2013 – Maletsema, Kesentswe & Lethabong Day Care Centres, Regataregatoga Cooperative, TLC Old Age Home, Mandela Village & Khuwana Tavern

Karlskrona Visit May 2013 – Lethabong & Kesentswe Day Care Centres, Tender Loving Care Old Age Home, Chicken Farm

August 2013 Progress Update – Many thanks to the Karlskrona Girls – with your assistance we have managed to plaster the kitchen at Lethabong Day Care Centre and the school has been painted.  The children are very proud of their “new” school

Karlskrona Community Visit February 2014 – They enjoyed a game drive before visiting the Tender Loving Care Old Age Home, the Modisa Bana Day Care Centre, Ditlong Events Center, and enjoyed lunch at Freedom walls.