Freedom Walls

Visit Freedom Walls, an innovation started by artist Jeanne Silver to use art to uplift and tell the story of South Africa’s struggle for freedom. Jeanne, a missionary and artist by profession, lived in Malawi for many years before she relocated to a shack in Hammanskraal township in 2001.

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In 2006, she again moved into a shack in Steve Bikoville in order to purposefully live the life so many impoverished South Africans currently live.

Jeanne said during an interview with the New Age: “I teach art to people in the community and came here to paint in order to tell the story of the struggle for freedom in this country. I live like the people here do and have used my wheelbarrow to fetch water like everybody else. Freedom Walls was started just before the 2010 Fifa World Cup and today serves as a school for aspiring artists and dancers.”

A small coffee shop, and selling her and her fellow artists’ wares, are worth a visit.  Freedom Walls has become an integral part of the Steve Bikoville community.

Click here to see photographs taken at Freedom Walls Art Hub