Espressivo Voce Choir

Formed in the year 2011 in February by learners of local high schools in and around Hammanskraal. The founder of the choir is Mr. A.N Morobane who used to be an educator and choir conductor in one of the high schools named Sikhululekile Secondary school at Temba. The aim of this choir is to help reduce the use of drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances used by our youth, a lot of our youth are vocally talented so this choir is a platform where they can showcase their God given talents. The choir is mainly focused on choral, classical and opera type of music. The venue where rehearsals take place is Sebothoma hall at Temba.

The choir takes part in musical competitions such as OLD MUTUAL NATIONAL CHOIR FESTIVAL and NOWECMA competitions. In 2011 the choir took part in the Old Mutual national choir festival in the large section and it managed to obtain the second(2) position in regional level and again in 2012 took part in the same competitions and got position four(4), also in 2013 it went to the same competitions and obtained position third(3).