Cultural Tour Planner – 2014/15

Tour to neighboring Mandela Village and SteveBikoville                          – Minimum duration of tour is 3 hrs and a ideal half day excursion – 09:00-14:00 or 15:00-20:00 (including lunch or dinner)

mandela small Mandela square – Bronze statue of Nelson Mandela

tour1African Arts and craft – option to buy souvenir

gumboot small Bokamoso Traditional Tshwana dancers

tradSiyakwela Gumboot dancers get the energy flowing!

house small Visit a local recident – Township life

school small Visits to schools and day care centers – school hours

sangoma small A visit to a Sangoma (Traditional Healer)

 Solly Inspiring Entrepreneur Solly Mogale’s Nursery

rhino smallAdd a Game Drive – Prior/post Township tour – 2hours

Add a meal – duration 1 hr

freedomFreedom Walls – Art Gallery and Restaurant

kuana small Khuwana Tavern – A Mozambican flavored local tavern

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