Community Upliftment Q & A

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“What would small donation do in a community..?”

Any amount sponsored to any community makes a huge impact. Since the donation is used to assist existing projects, it goes a long way – much further than it would if used for “start up capital”. A hundred dollars can easily support a crèche (pre-school) with wash basins, hygiene soap and towels – an essential necessity in creating healthy habits. Alternatively, expanding a library with educational toys or learning material. Alternatively, sponsoring eye tests for those taking care at children at a pre-school. A minimal amount creates a huge impact. A donation of a thousand dollars would refurbish infrastructure and development sustainable operations for anything from brick making to community health centre.

How can I give my clients (and me) 100 % guarantee that the support we give will go to the target group we aim at?

All projects are designed around the sponsor and then the person/enterprise/school receiving the support.

This process involves:

  • the “sponsor” exactly knowing what is sponsored

  • the community knowing exactly what is being promised and

  • Kwalata facilitating the process and ensuring a complete sponsored

Our role is to put the sponsor in touch with the community and facilitate the “process”, eliminating the to-and-fro, endless meetings and needless administration. Making the sponsor part of the process and putting them in contact with the community and their needs without all the trouble and hassles. On the other hand also assisting the community to get in touch with our connections, networking and experience and ensuring delivery and quality.

Kwalata Community Development Initiative retain 20% of these donations to cover their administration costs

Since the type of donation pre-determines the type of community support, the donations do not become part of a pool of money supporting just one need. What you sponsor is what you see and is what we give.

For example:

Nursery Project : If an amount of money is donated towards expanding the nursery ‘s current range of products, a company is approached who could deliver the product, then, if approved by the nursery owner, we as Kwalata would put the sponsor in touch with the supplier and arrangements would be made to deliver the product. Alternatively, if funds are made available to Kwalata, we would then pay the supplier, have the product delivered to the nursery. There is a tax benefit in submitting the invoice to the sponsor. Whichever way is best suited to the sponsor

Do sponsors have the opportunity to tailor-make help programs with Kwalata and to visit these programs?

Any sponsor who wishes to get involved has the opportunity to get in touch through our links or connections. We are in the position, through years of involvement and living, working in the community to assist and help assess the support needed. Once the commitment is assured we will put the sponsor in touch with the right people, introduce and help maintain the momentum and support to make the project a success. It is one of our primary goals to establish long-term relationships with the community rather than once-off “donations”. We also encourage sponsors to attend handing over ceremonies, drafting of statements for records and publicity on either local news papers or our community website