Bemer Installation at the TLC Old Age Home


Get Well Now SA and BEMER Africa deployed a single BEMER 3000 System to the Tender Loving Care Old Age Home (TLC) in Mandela Village in February 2014.

BEMER is the world’s most researched (15 years) and most effective Physical Vascular Therapy. It optimises the body’s microcirculation parameters in under 8 minutes allowing the cells of the body to receive oxygen and nutrients and also remove metabolic waste compounds.

Poor microcirculation leads to dysfunctional cellular metabolism, the primary cause of disease and chronic ailments. The residents of TLC now have a veritable tool that will give them the opportunity to increase mobility, reduce pain, and address their chronic conditions (arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, to name a few).

The aim of this programme is to demonstrate to the community and the relevant government officials the simplicity, convenience, cost-efficiency and effectiveness of applying BEMER to members of a disadvantaged community. BEMER positively influence the health of an individual, which makes life easier for the people that care for that person – the social impact is tangible and this needs to be measured.

Click here to view the Bemer Installation at the Tender Loving Care Old Age Home.