A Visit to TLC by Rotary Laarne’s Prof Luc

A visit by Prof Luc from Rotary Laarne provided a good opportunity to assess the progress on the Tender Loving Care Old Age Home’s Ablution Block.

Unfortunately we have been unable to obtain an expected completion date from the City of Tshwane for the Municipal Bulk Sewer Line but remain positive that it will be connected during 2014.

The following have been installed in the new ablution block –

• 6 x Wash Hand basins
• 6 x Toilets
• 2 x Showers
• 2 x Disability Showers
• Plumbing & Piping – Water and Sewer Completed
Painting and Tiling is underway
Obviously the delay in the sewage connection has lead to the water and sewage not being completed.
Funding options for the installation of a Bulk Septic tank are being investigated.
Click here for photographs of Prof Luc’s visit and an update on the TLC’s progress