Science Unlimited 2014

SC1What is ScienceUnlimited?

ScienceUnlimited is a successful national mass-participation science education& awareness project, aimed at grade 5-12 grass-roots learners, that comprises (1) a scheduled programme of curriculum-aligned science, maths and technology shows, workshops, demonstrations and lectures and (2) the interactive ScienceUnlimited exhibitions. It opens a window on the fascinating applications of the sciences so that learners and educators grasp the relevance of science- and technology-related skills and careers that influence our everyday lives. ScienceUnlimited is owned & operated by Salamax 320, an established section 21 company with the following  attributes:

sc4Why Science Education?

There is a direct correlation between a nation’s wealth and its scientific and technological capacity. We need to make a concerted national effort to promote science and technology as a means of improving living standards. The most effective way of taking our country forward is to enthuse our youth for science and technology. South Africa more than ever needs qualified individuals who will use their skills and entrepreneurial spirit to enable our country to compete internationally with the best. We need a new generation of young minds, skilled in and passionate about science and technology, working to put us on the global technological map.

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A photo report from the Science Unlimited 2013 event