Science For Resilience EXPO, 2015

The science for Resilience Expo 2015 hosted 1883 Learners, 138 Teachers, 176 NGO representatives, 44 Principals, 164 Exhibition representatives with 39 Exhibition stands and 15 Government departments, Initiatives and Public Institutions. The expo provided free transport to and from the event, lunch and free access to project events. All learners were from from local rural, disadvantaged communities.  For Lists of sponsors & attendance records click here:

Links: USAID RESILIM;  Tshwane Tourism association; BizzCommunity

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Report: Sponsors, Partners & Attendance Registers 2015 Science for Resilience EXPO

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Attendance list 2015

Attendance figures Science for resilience 2015  - List of Schools

The 2015 Science for Resilience Expo was supported by a record number of partners: 50 compared to 19 in 2014.

Without the endorsement of the Gauteng Department of Education (Gauteng North Office) it would not have been possible for 18 Community schools to attend the EXPO.

The National Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, facilitated the participation of the Gauteng, Mpumalanga & Limpopo departments, thereby extending the reach of the expo to three provinces.

The endorsement of the National Water Commission gave stature to the project from an early stage.

Exhibitors embraced the concept of building resilience of people and ecosystems, adapting and enriching their exhibits and presentations to facilitate raising awareness through interactive engagements.

The expo enjoyed wide media coverage, which considerably extended its reach. This ranged from Social Media, Television, print media to websites and blogs.

Invitation: Science for Resilience Expo 2015

2015 Science for Resilience Expo


Join us for an amazing Science Expo

In addition to our exciting program of scheduled workshops, educational theater and illustrated talks featured below, ScienceUnlimited this year offers a wide range of informative interactive exhibitions.
You can spend hours engaging with experts from more than twenty universities, science bodies, conservation organisations, companies and government departments in the following fields:
Earth Science/Geography
• Catchment and River Management
• The Limpopo River Basin
• Water conservation & management
• Planet Earth: land, water and air
• Understanding climate change
• Reduction of climate change vulnerability
• Soil and soil erosion
• Non-conventional energy sources
• Conservation
Life Sciences
• Biodiversity & loss of biodiversity (the sixth extinction)
• The concept of the biosphere
• Conservation
• The concept of environment in terms of human activities in and interactions with the natural environment
• Ecotourism
Healthy, Responsible & Green Living
• Fitness & sport
• Healthy eating habits
• Drug & alcohol abuse
• Renewable energy
• Reduce, re-use, recycle
• Greening your community (litter reduction, water, sanitation, gardens)
• Permaculture
Career/study guidance
Free paper-making workshops
and much much more!!!

For more information or to book email: or


THIMBLE 2015 Cultural Tour

Thimble Township tour

The Thimble International held their 2015 Indaba at Kwalata Lodge, Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve. They were treated to a African Safari and cultural tour had the Safari drive on their arrival , an exclusive night safari drive on Friday night. They had a fantastic time in the township tour spending on our local Dinokazi Arts & Crafts shop and entertained by the gumboot dancers at the Mandela statue meanwhile they were in Mapula’s tailor shop for the beauty of the traditional clothes. The Thimble International Indaba Had so much fun at walk tall with the traditional beer tasting at walk tall, Lunch at Khuwana tavern surprised by the community kids drum dance performance. Thank you very much Thimble International Indaba for taking part and supporting our Local community developed project 

Hatfield Rotary Pretoria- New Ablution Facilities @ Mama Shadows Day care


Rotary Hatfield Daycare 2015 Kwalata 002

The Hatfield Rotaries, Pretoria came through on the 5th March 2015 for the opening of the newly build ablution facilities at the daycare. The Ablution facilities is a project launched to upgrade facilities at daycare centres to improve health and sanitation. A better future for our kids.
Hatfield Rotaries Pretoria sponsored the ablution facilities consisting of 6 flushing toilets at the perfect size to fit adults and children. The day care center currently takes care of 80 children.
A, Great Thanks to Rotary Hatfield Pretoria for assisting and being part of our community!

Township and Cultural Tours Since 1994

Visit our Tour Planner for details

Kwalata’s Township & Cultural Tours to the adjacent Mandela Village and Steve Bikoville provide a unique experience since 1994! The tour embarks on a trip to the vibrant communities close to Kwalata. This community grew during the time of the release of former President Nelson Mandela, and offers a chance to view a full sized bronze statue of our respected statesmen. Experience the vibrant feeling as enjoyed by the locals and thrill to African hospitality at its best.

Tours are organised to highlight community and entrepreneurial development, utilizing local transport and support existing businesses; Kwalata strive to provide training and to promote local businesses.


Kwalata has been an active community role player, since 1990. We assist and facilitate various community projects.

Kwalata have won the Tshwane Tourism Award a number of times.  This award recognizes tourism leaders that are actively involved in joining hands with the community.

We also offer companies and groups the opportunity to participate in community development projects, that can be facilitated by the Kwalata team, in our neighboring communities.


Cultural Tour @Kwalata
Cultural Tour @Kwalata

Kwalata hosted Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten for the 9th consecutive year. A group of MBA engineering students spend seven days in South Africa. Their team and program organizers were Dr Dietmar Winzker(SA) and Dr Bernd Platzek(DE). Arriving at OR Tambo on Sunday they departed for Kwalata lodge in the Dinokeng Big5 Reserve, Gauteng. With Kwalata being their base they explored Gauteng, a networking session at the University of Pretoria, an underground mine tour at the Cullinan diamond mine, visited the BMW Rosslyn plant and cultural tour in Hammanskraal. Kwalata treated students to a first night in Africa safari and braai around the campfire. Day two, a night drive and potjiekos dinner were served in the bush camp under African skies.. Day three off on a culturaltour. First stop – Dinokasi Arts and Craft Centre followed by Solly’s Green Goddess garden and pottery. The visit to TLC old age home a delight to meet with the elderly and to check up on the latest  progress of the new lounge and kitchen facilities. Khuwana tavern their last stop for dinner and an interactive, live performance with the “Field band foundation”. Students joined in with song and dance. The group departed on Wednesday, to Capetown for their second leg of their tour, winemaking and the splendour of the western Cape.  We are looking forward to your visit next year!


5 Khuana Tavern (3)A great thanks to Karlskrona:          2015 makes it a 3rd year in a row being part of the Kwalata Community Development Initiatives.

Students from Karlskrona have been involved in our community development program since 2013. This year was no different, when they plastered the walls of a day care center they helped build the previous year.

The Tour
Arrival @ Kwalata Started with an African safari in Dinokeng Big 5 game reserve.                                                                                                              First stop at Solly Mogale’s Green Goddess nursery and Pottery      * Mamashadow day care center to have look at the new ablution facilities                                                                                                                                     *  Modisa Bana day care center plastering of the new classroom and a tree planting ceremony.                                                                                       * Visit to TLC old age home with a traditional Tswana dance and          * lunch at Khuwana Tavern

The tour ended with a stay over at Kwalata Lodge.

Thanks to Karlskrona for being part of improving the lives of our young and old, your assistance and donation is highly appreciated.

Mamashadows Day Care: Ablution Facilities

Mamashadows Day Care Rotary Ablution #6Thanks Rotary Hatfield!” – Building of ablution at Mamashadows Day Care Center

Rotary International recently launched WASRAG (Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group).   WASRAG addresses the development of water and sanitation and hygiene education in under developed communities. Hatfield Rotary partnered with KCDI (Kwalata Community Development Initiatives) in December 2014 and launched WASRAG in the Steve Bikoville/Kekana Gardens Community.

The building of a ablution block at the Mamashadow Day Care Center started middle December 2014. The pilot project will concentrate on achieving these objectives in the water sanitation..

FNB -TLC old age home Special Christmas 2014

FNB KCDI TLC 4FNB Pretoria again made Christmas special at the TLC.  Old Age Home at Stevebikoville / Kekana Gardens.       A Christmas lunch was served by the FNB staff and then nice Christmas cake followed! FNB also supplied new curtain rails for the old age home and Curtains was installed by Sandra Spengler.
We thank you for your continuous support and in adding value to the lives of the elders staying at the TLC Old Age Home

Kwalata's Community Development Initiatives have been active since 1994 using Social Entrepreneurship to create change in South Africa!

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